Łukasz “Lopez” Pietsch is a pianist, composer and actor of Hrabi cabaret which is valued by many. Apart from playing on stage, Lopez also plays tennis easily, improving his form and performance year after year.

Many cabaret artists and actors share the passion for this sport by playing with each other on a daily basis and meeting several times a year at their tournaments, including the Sulewski Artist Cup Tennis Championships of Polish Cabaret Artists, which have been regularly held in Zielona Góra on the courts of the Royal Club since August 2014. Who has been at this tournament could see that a large dose of ever-present humour goes well with the healthy ambition of the participants and their bravery during the game.

And what are tennis secrets of Lopez and who is his idol on the court? You’ll read about it in our next interview in the series “10 QUESTIONS TO…”

Kamila Borowska: I am always curious about the beginnings. How was it with you? When and how did your adventure with tennis begin?

Łukasz Pietsch: It was 2008. We were in Warsaw with a cabaret and had a day off. Asia Kołaczkowska suddenly said she was going to tennis training and asked if I would go with her. I went. In the middle of the lesson I already knew that I wanted to learn it. It was largely thanks to Maciek Pindelski, with whom Asia was training. It was an unforgettable hour. Then we immediately dragged Kamol to the court. And it continues to this day 🙂

Since we’ve known each other I don’t remember such a final of the artists’ tennis tournament in which you didn’t play. Will you tell us the recipe for your success?

Because we know each other very shortly 🙂 I’ve waited a long time for these finals 🙂 As representatives of the “young” generation, together with Tomek Jachimek and Darek Kamys we were chasing long more experienced colleagues, and now we are slowly chased by an even younger generation. You have to be vigilant and keep in form. And the recipe? I have no idea how it happens :-))

What are your tennis strengths?

First of all, I manage to get a little bit out into the field of my rival, with whom I play for the first time. I have a posture that encourages the joy of winning before the match 🙂 And yet I run a little bit, and the opponent does not expect it. Before he shakes off, something can always be played there 🙂 And besides, definitely forehand.

What is the best advice or tip you got on the court?

The best is one that works 🙂 I remember that the following sentence was the discovery for me:

Don’t think how to hit the ball technically well, but where to direct it. There’s nothing worse than analyzing the technique of hitting the ball during a match.

Then I remember it and life becomes easier 🙂

With whom have you played your hardest match so far?

I played many times with my rivals, who were much better and I lost smoothly. It’s hard to call these matches difficult. But there were a few matches in which I theoretically had no right to start a fight, and yet I fought hard, sometimes even winning the set. These are the ones I value most. Sometimes it’s also difficult to take the role of a favorite and win a match that you have no right to lose. One of the most difficult ones I am not able to indicate 🙂

Once we’re on the subject of players, I’d like to ask you about your tennis idol. Is there a person you admire and who you are modeling on? What do you value most in his or her game?

I won’t be original. I love looking at Federer. His calm, precision and technical genius. I also like Monfils for his efficiency, finesse and unconventionality and Gasquet for his one-handed backhand.

How do you approach the game – relaxed or maybe the emotions and the spirit of competition take over?

Definitely, competition is crucial, which doesn’t mean I can’t lose. I could have gotten used to it for years. I can even say that I like to lose after a good game 🙂

One moment on the court that you will remember forever is…

…entering the central court in Szczecin during PEKAO Open. The artists’ tournament final is played directly before the Challenger final. Electronic scoreboard, with photos, with names, line referees, children passing the balls, spectators – full professional anturage. That was such great experience for me that I got very uptight and Jacek Mezo Mejer carried me to dust and ashes 🙂 The easier that he played really well. I will never forget that moment of entering the court. I cannot forget about the match itself :-))

Tennis outfit. It is known that it is not the most important, but many people pay attention to it. What qualities do you think the perfect outfit should have?

I’m not a fashion freak, but I know I should feel like I’m not thinking about it at all during a game. And when my Wife says it’s very pretty – full of success 🙂 Fortunately, I already found one 😉

Do you have any tennis challenges for the coming time?

Maybe not soon, but I’d like to win a match in the ITF Seniors tournament. One match! To start with, and then we will see what life will bring 🙂

So, let it come true 🙂 We also keep our fingers crossed for the next titles in Sulewski Artist Cup!