Dancing has always been one of our favourite activities. What do we love it for?

✅ hormones of happiness are emitted
✅ reduces tension and stress
✅ improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system
✅ allows you to lose excess weight
✅ carves the solhouette and strengthens the muscles
✅ improves body flexibility

What more do we need? Maybe clothes that make you feel ultra-feminine and comfortable while dancing?

For dancing we need clothes that will ensure freedom of movement, will be breathable and carefully sewn. In addition to comfort, we value the visual side equally – a unique combination of beautiful colors, designer patterns and stylish details.

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For the production of our clothes we use the highest quality sports knitted fabrics. Their composition makes them breathable, fit the figure perfectly, and at the same time nice for the body – they are like a second skin. What is important, during the dance clothes remain in their place, because the knitted fabric works perfectly with the body and does not stretch or warp.

The unique prints has been designed specifically for UpToU so that you can stand out and emphasize your individuality on the dance floor. The patterns are applied using the sublimation method, so that they do not wash off or fade.

Stylish details such as tulle, mesh, decorative bands and rubber are a cherry on the cake that turns simple clothes into a unique styling. Moreover, ultra-feminine stitching and a modern cut will help to emphasize your strengths.

Depending on your preferences, you can create any set from a wide range of clothes in our store. Combine comfortable leggings with an airy blouse or designer skirt with sewn-in shorts and an ultra-feminine top. Or would you like a dress? Or, after training, will you wrap yourself in a beautiful jacket with a nice inner layer?

Whatever you choose – it’s UpToU!

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